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Barking Bird Guards The House With His Dog Buddies
The parrot grew up amongst dogs and copies many human and dog actions. He's a dog with feathers. :D
The Reason Why Parking Brakes Are A Wonderful Invention
Thankfully the car was as empty as the driver's head.
Dangerous Waterfall Hits Road in Nepal
You must have balls to drive this road.
Knitting A Sweater For The Pet Snake
Ready for the colder days.
Woman Downs Her Drink Like A Boss
Cockatoo Rips Off Bird Spikes
The bird revolution has begun. :D
Little Girl Recites The Alphabet In Metal Style
That girl rocks.
Lou Bega's Mambo No. 5 Sung By 156 Movies
A wonderful piece of work. :)
A Woman's Pole Vault Video Goes Viral
It's a fantastic sport.
A Tow Truck Driver's First And Maybe Last Day On The Job
Luckily no-one was harmed.
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