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The Porta Potty Halloween Costume
This costume is hilarious. :D
What Cats Do At 2 AM
Cat owners can relate. :D
Cat Tries To Catch The Bass
After she catches it she will definitely drop the bass. :D
How Motorcyclist Think People React When They Drive By
This deserves an Oscar. :D
Behind The Scenes Of The Beautiful Jungle Sweet
Instagram stars will do anything for the perfect picture. :D
Tesla's Onboard Cameras Record Person Keying The Car
We all hate scratches, even more when somebody does it on purpose.
Beverage Car Gets Out Of Control On Chicago O'Haire Airport
It gets really close to a plane.
Man Catches Toy Arrow With His Bald Head
They are so excited! :)
How To Trick An Attacking Magpie
One trick works, the other one doesn't. :D
Funny Halloween Costume: Man Gets Kidnapped By Alien
Straight out of Area 51. :D
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