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Tourists Pose In Front Of Crocodile And Get Scared
Bride Sets Boyfriend Ultimatum To Marry Her Right Now
He put a ring on her finger two years ago and she's done waiting. :D
Cat Puts Herself To Sleep In Tiny Bed
The only thing missing is her covering herself with the blanket. ;)
Dentist Robot Has A Malfunction
Or you could say it's acting pretty realistic. :D
Guy Starts Propeller During The Flight With His Bare Hands
Both react pretty chill. :D
Overdramatic Dog Can't Take The Nail Clippers Anymore
He should get an Oscar for that. :D
Fail Compilation: Why Quad Bikes Are Hard To Control
Woodpecker Uses Grill To Store His Food
Seems like it's gonna be a hard winter. :D
Only One Margarita: Woman Flips Over Chair And Her Friend Stays Calm
Might have been more than one margarita. :D
Mom Pranks Her Kids With A Hatching Egg
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