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Guy Drinks 4 Pints Of Beer In Record Time
This guy is a giant.
The Revenge Of The Junk
A simple prank with a message.
Two Kids Jokingly Hit Each Other With A Trash Can Lid
Seems to be like a lot of fun. :D
Showoff Coworker Isn't As Strong As He Thinks
That was too much weight. :D
Father Shows Son A Magic Trick
He can't believe his eyes. :D
Smart Dog Helps His Owner Make A Sandwich
Now that's a good boy! :)
Bike Lane Hero: New Yorker Fights His Way Through Pedestrians With Music
A polite way of dealing with frustration. :D
Galactic Empire: The Metal Version Of The Imperial March
Proof that stormtroopers can at least hit notes. :D
A Groundhog Eating A Cucumber
He's looking directly into our soul. :D
Son Throws One Egg A Day At His Unsuspecting Mom
She's really good at catching it.
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