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1,500 Drones Perform A Record Breaking Light Show
Fireworks nowadays.
Quick Thinking Bus Driver Saves Kid From Car
Jimmy Kimmel: Tom Brady Vandalizes Matt Damon's House
Another episode of Matt Damon Vs. Jimmy Kimmel. :D
Funny Shark Tank Pitch: Breaking Open A Door Is Hard Than Expected
This guy won't be able to walk for a few days. :D
Kitten Wants To Play But Dog Wants To Sleep
The goodest boy of all. :)
Dumbest Idea Ever: Skateboard Outside Your Car Down A Hill
This guy wants to have a Darwin award.
Beluga Whale Saves Tourists Phone
Star Wars Fan Remake Of The Fight Between Vader And Kenobi
Fans reimagined the fight from episode IV and put in a lot of effort to create an incredible new perspective of the light saber duell.
Service Dog May Choose A Toy For His Birthday
It's a really hard choice. :)
Ducklings Jump Into Water Following Their Mother
They are so brave.
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