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It's Time To Get Good At Darts
A nice song about using the time when you're at home.
95 Year Old Plays Piano Years After His Stroke
It's his first time at the piano again and he plays like nothing happened. :)
How To Get Into Your Ex-Girlfriend's Back Door
When your ex needs help. ;)
Impatient Bicycle Rider Nearly Gets Hit By Train
Fortunately he didn't get injured.
Cool Archery Trick Shots
James Jean shows some of his trick shots.
Toddler Laughs As He Howls With A Husky
A Roller Coaster Ride With The Corkscrew
Dr. Phil Talks With Girl Who Licked A Public Toilet
Sometimes you don't know how to respond to this. Ouch.
Dad Laughs At Dadjoke About Reese Witherspoon
He really likes it. :D
Dad Creates Couch Camouflage To Hide From Kids
When you spent so much time at home and need some times for yourself. :D
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