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Boy Realises How Frustrating Shoveling Snow Can Be
Roofers Wreck Roof By Pushing Chimney
Don't know what they were thinking what was going to happen. :D
Fighter Shows Easy Technique How To Escape A Stranglehold
Basic ideas are sometimes the best.
He Nailed 3 Shots But Missed 2 Of Them
It was all planned. :)
Skyrim In Real Life
It's just like the game but with better graphics. :D
Wandering Cow Causes Huge Traffic Jam
That might take a while.
Macaw Bird Uses Cyclist For A Free Ride
The Chair Challenge: Women Can Lift A Chair, Men Can't
This TikTok challenge shows men struggling to lift a chair in a specific position while women have no problems with it. :D
Chef With Down Syndrome Lands Perfect Pancake Flip
This guy is a legend. :)
The Unreal Tournament Toilet
This toilet plays sound effects from Unreal Tournament 2004 when you use it. :D
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