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"Smooth Criminal" On A 18th Century Barrel Organ
The past tense of DJing.
Kid Sings Mortal Kombat Theme Song
This kid is adorable! :D :D :D
Guy Hits Gas, Wife Spills Drink All Over Herself
This makes your girlfriend very angry!
Terrifying Windstorm Quickly Turns Into A Real Sh*tstorm
Porta-potty gets swept up into the air and rains down piss and sh*t all over the place.
8-Year-Old Japanese Girl Covers Led Zeppelin On Drums
This kid is going places!
Guys Hilariously Troll People With A Remote Controlled Alligator Head
This fake alligator scares the shit out of people.
Important Physics Lesson
What you didn't know about physics.
Vertical Video Syndrome
Let's talk about a very serious problem called PSA "Vertical Video Syndrome".
The Rambo Fan
When you are out of money for special effects.
The Cameraman Following This Skateboarder Is A Dog
This dog is filming his owner at skateboarding at the skatepark. Nice perspective!
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