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Toddler Sings "Imperial March"
Alarm Clock Stuck In The Wall Goes Off Every Morning For 13 Years
The couple thought that the battery would die in a few months but it lasts since 13 years.
How To Not Use Plunger
Time for a new kitchen.
This Is Why Women Live Longer Than Men
6 Non-Virgins Try To Find The Secret Virgin
If they're able to find the virgin, they get a prize. :D
A Fan That Sounds Like John Rambo's Gun
He doesn't need to reload, just like in the movies.
Russian Guy Tries To Pet Bear And Regrets It
What did he expect?
What It Sounds Like When 1,000 People Play Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit
Kurt Cobain would be proud of this.
Guys Throw Fridge Off Cliff And Have To Drag It Back Up
Cats Observe A Bird And The Dog Scares Them
Looks like the dog had a score to settle with them. :D
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