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The lovely French family
Facebook Win
A little French nightmare. :D
How to find Dunkin Donuts
Facebook Win
Coincidences happen. ;)
Titanic and the time traveler
Facebook Win
It all makes sense now. ;)
Grandma is fun
Facebook Win
Grandmas have the best reactions. :D
Funny and spontaneous guys
Facebook Win
This guy meets all the requirements. :D
Nothing can beat that
Facebook Win
What's really sexy. :D
The sleepy love message
Facebook Win
It's a special relationship. :D
Barney's pickup routine
Facebook Win
When two How I Met Your Mother fans work together. :)
How People Use Browsers
Facebook Fail
It's so inconvenient. :D
The stolen credit card
Facebook Win
Sometimes it's not as bad as you might think. ;)
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