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How to skip a year
Facebook Fail
It's always a bit challenging to switch to the next year after New Year's Eve.
The improvised bed time story
Facebook Win
Sometimes you need to adapt. :D
Locked inside a car
Facebook Win
Sometimes it's easier than you think. ;)
Parents can be strange
Facebook Fail
Some people behave unusual.
Names in souvenir stores
Facebook Fail
It's not easy for some people. ;)
It's this time of the year again
Facebook Win
Why you should always read twice. :D
The smartphone physics
Facebook Fail
He didn't understand the gravity of this situation. ;)
Math can be hard sometimes
Facebook Fail
Numbers can be confusing. :D
The Christmas sweater
Facebook Win
Seems like he's got a nice taste. :D
The valid victorian
Facebook Fail
He was pretty close. :D
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