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The famous statue
Facebook Fail
They should do some kind of sightseeing. That might help. :D
Breathing while swimming
Facebook Fail
All we need to know. :D
The human body features
Facebook Win
Maybe there a many nice ones, too. ;)
The clever window
Facebook Fail
Good thing windows are intelligent. :D
Home not so sweet home
Facebook Fail
Always double check before you start a journey. :D
The mobile phone signal
Facebook Fail
It can be hard sometimes. ;)
The leaf in the rice
Facebook Fail
Sometimes you don't know what to say.
The smartphone incident
Facebook Fail
Sure he's better prepared next time. ;)
Dogs trying to be smart
Facebook Fail
Pets are always an adventure. :)
Getting in trouble for little things
Facebook Fail
At least many of them have a good sense of humor. ;)
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