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A series that's not only for kids
Facebook Win
Well they are right. ;)
Showing up for work can be a bit difficult
Facebook Fail
He'll better check twice from now on. :D
How not to impress a woman
Facebook Fail
Not the best idea. :D
The group project
Facebook Fail
What these projects are all about. ;)
The loose tooth
Facebook Win
At least it worked. :D
When your brain forgets to think
Facebook Fail
Those things can happen. :D
The clucking sounds
Facebook Fail
We need to be thankful if we don't have problems like this guy. :D
The Italian map
Facebook Fail
Guests can be fun. :D
Back in the days
Facebook Fail
A short look into a knight's life. :D
Meanwhile in an exam
Facebook Fail
Those kids have ideas. :D
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