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A good excuse for not doing homework
Facebook Win
Teaching can be fun, too. :D
Always be careful using things correctly
Facebook Fail
That must have hurt. ;)
Geography can be confusing
Facebook Fail
Better late than never.
Office-like puns
Facebook Win
Having fun with office. :D
Touchdown at midterm
Facebook Win
Never be too sure about something like this. :D
Knowledge in a nutshell
Facebook Win
How things work. :D
Not that hardest riddle
Facebook Fail
That's actually a good advice. :D
How to brighten up a flight
Facebook Win
All you need is a bit of humour. :)
Why goats are pretty clever
Facebook Win
Don't mess with goats. :D
Dealing with customers can be confusing
Facebook Win
When your brain likes to play games. :D
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