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Girl Breaks Bathroom Sink
Kirby Sucks: A Mathematical And Psychological Presentation On What Makes A Villain
These friends throw parties where they do short lectures about any topic they're passionate about. This time Michal won. :D
Zombie Time: The Love Between Zombies
Gotcha! Cat Owner Catches Cat Stealing
She knows she's in trouble now. :D
Amazing Rally Between Two Young Table Tennis Players
How To Find A Date On The Train
How to make a woman's day. :)
Toronto Maple Leafs Fans Put On A Fake Smile For A Selfie
Female Driver Causes Another Car Accident Trying To Leave Previous Crash Scene
Meanwhile in Austria.
Saturday Night Live's Hobbit Office
Office life in Middle Earth. :D
When You Ask Your Friend To Print Your Boarding Pass
Now that's a good prank. :D
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