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Meanwhile In India: Woman Gets Robbed In Moving Train
Keep away from open train doors.
Little Girl Waits For The Uptown Funk Beat To Drop
Interviewing Drunk People At A Superspeedway
It's like interviewing the same person with different faces. :D
Rabbit Helps His Cat Friend Out Of Trouble
Somehow the cat got stuck under the shed.
Bun In The Oven: Husband Is Confused By Pregnancy Reveal
He is so baffled. :D
Guy Gets Roasted Live On TV Show
Brad didn't collect any points when there was a reset on the score boards. James had a funny line waiting for him.
Friends Go Snowboarding In Sumo Costumes
Looks like a lot of fun. :)
Impatient Dog Jumps On Car Horn
Hurry up, we gotta go. :D
Man Jumps From 25,000 Feet High Without Parachute
He finally falls safely into a net. What a stunt.
Karma: Man Tries To Ride On Pig And Gets Thrown Off
He won't try that again. :D
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