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Marching Band Celebrates Basketball Shot
Dog Wants Statue Of Abraham Lincoln To Throw His Frisbee
And he doesn't react.
The Nice Lara Croft Tattoo Of A Customer
The customer came in for a cover up of this tattoo. The tattoo artist printed out the original to see how bad this tattoo looks like. :D
Why Bump Stops Are Bad For Your Car
Seems like parking isn't easy. :D
When Your Dog Can't Wait To See You After School
Hair Catch Fire While Cooking
Passenger Dies Underwear In Airplane
You really shouldn't do that.
Dad Tries To Prank His Son With A Game And Gets Surprised
His son is giving his best. :D
Little Girl Picks Up A Snake
Snow Mobile Driver Is A Bit Too Fast
The driver who uploaded the video himself said that he was okay. They just bent back one ski, put the windshield back on and went back to sledding.
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