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If Stranger Things Was An 80's Anime
I would totally watch it if this was a series. Great job.
Truck Driver Is Fed Up With Couple Holding Up The Traffic
That's actually hilarious. :D
Cat And Owl Are Pretty Unusual Friends
Both of them like mice, maybe that's why they're so good friends. ;)
Cute Bat Stuffs Its Cheeks With Banana
The bat is taken care of after it got hit by a car. It's really hungry. :)
Cute Baby Duck Tries To Stay Awake
What an adorable duckling.
Kid Has Super Creepy Laugh
Spider's Reaction When It Sees Itself In The Mirror
It's got the crab moves ready. :)
Criminal Flash Mob Steals 30,000 Dollar Worth Of Clothes In A Few Seconds
They were really fast.
Cutting Down A Tree Leads To A Massive Pollen Cloud
Note: People with allergies shouldn't stay next to a falling tree.
Porsche Driver Avoids Accident With Semi Truck
That was a close call. Thankfully there was no accident thanks to the quick reaction of the Porsche driver.
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