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Guy's Truck Makes Strange Noises From Inside
Hope he gets rid off these strange noises. :D
Boyfriend Gets Caught Cheating in Walmart
You better don't mess with his girlfriend. :D
Daddy's Version Of A Bun
How to improvise to make it easier. :D
Knocking On Door And Paying The Rent For Strangers
Wow, finally a YouTuber doing a good deed again. :)
Woman Gets Caught Stealing A Car And Escapes In A Police Car
The police man responsible for that will hear this story his entire life. :D
Girl Gracefully Jumps Off A Cliff
When a cliff jump goes wrong. :D
Squirrel "Came In Like A Wrecking Ball"
He's giving the best Miley Cyrus impression. :D
Why You Shouldn't Forget Valentine's Day
Love Stink: Funny Couple Fails
A short compilation of what can go wrong when you're not alone or don't want to be alone. :D
When A Welder Is Left Alone
Why you shouldn't leave welders alone in the shop. ;)
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