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Alligator Catches Drone In-Flight
Why You Shouldn't Celebrate Early
These people will learn their lesson. ;)
Firefighter Climbs Up A Building With A Ladder In Seconds
That was really fast. :)
Man Saves Girl From Riding Into A Pole With Her Bicycle
Those were some great reflexes. :)
Windmill Creates Smoke Rings After Being Struck By A Lightning
Billie Jean Played By 4 People On A Single Guitar
Driving Through A Flooded Street With A Land Rover
A Snooker Shot That Never Happened Before
The spectators, players and commentators can't really believe it. :D
Woman Screams During Concert
Why you should be prepared when hearing Stravinsky's Firebird. :D
Dan The Meme Man Sleds Down An Escalator
He got famous for sliding down unusual things.
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