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Compressorhead: Heavy Metal Played By Robots
OMG look the tiny hi-hat assistant! :D :D :D
Probably The Worst Sheepdog In History
:D :D :D
Eminem's Sign Language Interpreter Kills His Supersonic Speed
This chick goes apeshit trying to keep up with Eminem.
Paul McCartney Joins James Corden In Carpool Karaoke
James Corden has premiered his Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartney, and the Late Late Show host reckons that it’s the best one he’s ever done.
Diamonds Are Forever: If Dominos Pizza Tracker Worked On Diamonds
Buying your fiancé the perfect engagement ring will make or break your relationship.
Wrestling Commentary Animated
This is so hilarious!
"Dancing In Movies" Supercut Features Scenes From Over 300 Movies
Talented video editor Casper Langbak has created a fantastic dancing video supercut featuring over 300 memorable scenes from classic movies.
Penn & Teller: The Best Magicians In The World
Penn and Teller set out to prove that they're not just comedy magicians, they're the greatest magicians in the world.
Jennifer Lawrence, Margot Robbie & More Teach Drinking Slang From Around The World
Learn Kentucky, Australian, Afrikaans, Yoruba, Boston, Hebrew, Mexican and Scottish slang words for alcohol and drinking.
Short Film: Alternative Math
A well meaning math teacher finds herself trumped by a post-fact America.
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