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When Your Girlfriend Isn't Impressed By Your Car
She had planned a day at the beach but didn't know her friend just finished rebuilding his 2006 Corvette C6. So they hit the road instead for a test drive.
Father Records Baby Noises For A Thunderstruck Song
Over the course of a year he recorded the noises of his son to rebuild the AC/DC song. :)
Drunk Guy Gets Tricked Into Blowing Into A Radio Instead Of A Breath Analyser
Well, he definitely had enough. :D
World Record: 320 Lasers At A Festival Opening
The Pukkelpop festival in Belgium surprised his guests with 320 lasers at its opening party.
Man Takes A Photo Of Himself For 20 Years
A time lapse of Noah taking a selfie over the course of 20 years.
Stand-Up Comedian Has A Funny Conversation With An Animal Lover
She wasn't ready for this. :D
Base Jumper Jumps From Hotel And Crashes Into Balcony
An old lady helps him while he's dangling off the building. :)
The Sesame Street's Original Version Of MANAMANA
This version is back from 1969.
Robbie Keane's Son Steals The Ball Prematch And Scores A Goal
Even the officials laugh about it. :D
Mastif Takes His Time Doing An Agility Course
He's in no hurry and the audience loves it. :D
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