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Icy Captain Jack Sparrow
Girl Loses Tooth While Skydiving
A GPS transmitter would be very useful next time.
Dad Tries To Balance On A Hoverboard
Blind Mechanic Drives Car For The First Time In His Life
Bart Hickey is car mechanic for over 30 years and finally gets his wish fulfilled to drive a car on his own.
Monkey Sees Magic Trick And Is Taken Aback
When Your Uber Is Pissed Off
Don't push Uber drivers over the edge. ;)
Eating A Whole Banana In One Second
“The Star Spangled Banner” Sounds Russian When Played In A Minor Key
Bill Bailey entertains the crowd at the London Palladium.
Kitbull: A Heartwarming Pixar Short Film About The Friendship Between Cat And Dog
Baby Wears Glasses For The First Time And Loves It
Cuteness overload
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