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Worker Tries To Go Up The Escalator With Paper Bins
The lift was only 100 metres away but he decided to use the escalator.
When Parallel Parking Isn't that Easy
Ice Hockey Puck Nearly Hits Commentator
That was really close.
Roller Coaster Gets Stuck But The Passengers Already Have An Idea
Feel the rhythm. :D
When You Just Can't Speak English
Now there's your problem. :D
Gas Truck Starts Rolling After Being Loaded
The driver started the vehicle and left it in neutral. Somehow it engaged first gear.
Cat Does Coin Trick
Daughter Mimicks Her Mother In Home Office
Seems like she has a lot to do. ;)
When The Car Makes Stranges Noises And Feels Off
Dog Hides A Cicada In His Mouth
Guilty dog looks guilty. ;)
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