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Social Experiment: Photographer Tells People That They're Beautiful
It's nice to see the reactions. :)
Thief Tries To Steal Car But Doesn't Know How To Drive Automatic Gear
That went completely wrong. :D
Crazy Mountainbike Stunts In France: Fabio Wibmer Is Back
Mark Hamill Talks About His Disappointed Role In Star Wars 7
He expected a bigger role than just a few seconds in the final movie.
The Most Popular TV Series From 1986 Till 2019
The numbers are based on audience, downloaded copies and streaming viewerships.
Cat Cares About 8 Hedgehog Babys
After their mom hadn't survived a lawnmower accident the cat Musya feeds 8 hedgehog babys with her milk.
10 Ways To Survive Christmas With Cats
You have to think outside the box.
Dear Satan: When A Christmas Letter Gets To The Wrong Destination
A little girl accidentally writes a letter to Satan.
When The Snow Plow Driver Is A Jerk
Treezilla: The Godzilla Christmas Tree
The Christmas tree with light, sound and smoke effects for a scary festive season.
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