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Woman Drives Off A Tow Truck, Hits A Car And Drives Away
She was finally arrested.
Why You Shouldn't Let Your Kid Drive A Forklift
At least when there are expensive things around. :D
Tortoise Helps Turning Over His Companion
Playing Careless Whisper With The Help Of A Rube Goldberg Machine
Guy Slips On Pickup Truck While They're Stocking A Pond With New Fish
Guy Does 135 Mouse Clicks In 10 Seconds
Not sure where he could use his talent but hats off.
What Happens When You Wear A Green Dress During The News
The colleagues had fun. :D
This Funny Halloween Prank During A Cooking Show
They got tricked. :D
People Aged 0 To 100 Filmed In The USA
They say their age in front of the camera. :)
Man Pretends To Be Possessed
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