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Sling Shot Ride Ends In Groin Pain For A Kid
Squirrel Eats Almond Butter Of A Fork
Looks like he likes it.
Golden Retriever Rescuing His Teddy Bear
The satisfied tail wag at the end is really cute.
Guy Goes Through A Car To Cross The Pedestrian Crosswalk
Meanwhile in Russia.
Kid Reviews Cars At The Car Museum.
Pretty good descriptions.
Controlling a RC Car From a Projector
Reminds me of Micro Machines.
Driver Runs Over Sign In An Empty Lot
No comment. :)
Guy Ends Up As The Only Passenger On A Flight
A rare experience.
Woman Fails To Open Door With Pizza In Her Hand
We feel with her.
Comedian Makes a Joke About Small Hands Without Noticing a Man's Disability Next To Her
Wrong timing for that analogy.
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