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Masterful Freestyle: Woman Juggles Soccer Ball with Skill
A woman showcases her impressive soccer juggling skills.
From Trash to Tunes: Drum Set from Found Objects
A man crafts and plays an drum set using discarded items.
Indestructible: Plate-Smashing Test Proves Quality
A man demonstrates the durability of plates by dramatically smashing them onto a table.
A robot converses with humans and performs tasks
It feels somewhat eerie.
Man walks into disk
This is basically a compliment to the cleaner.
Bull riding is a dangerous sport
That almost went wrong.
With the drone through the Victoria Falls
Beautiful shot that won $1,000,000. Stunning in 4k.
Ambulance drives with open door
Luckily no one was inside.
Camera gets sucked out of airplane window
This guy drove his ATV into a lake
What was his plan?
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