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Kid Reviews Cars At The Car Museum.
Pretty good descriptions.
Controlling a RC Car From a Projector
Reminds me of Micro Machines.
Driver Runs Over Sign In An Empty Lot
No comment. :)
Guy Ends Up As The Only Passenger On A Flight
A rare experience.
Woman Fails To Open Door With Pizza In Her Hand
We feel with her.
Comedian Makes a Joke About Small Hands Without Noticing a Man's Disability Next To Her
Wrong timing for that analogy.
Toddler Sings "Imperial March"
Alarm Clock Stuck In The Wall Goes Off Every Morning For 13 Years
The couple thought that the battery would die in a few months but it lasts since 13 years.
How To Not Use Plunger
Time for a new kitchen.
This Is Why Women Live Longer Than Men
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