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Teenagers Try To Use An Old Rotary Phone
This is old technology isn't that easy to understand. :)
Two Types Of Dogs: The Ones That Love Water And The Other Ones That Don't
BMW Driver Flys Over Traffic Circle
The driver was uninjured but placed under arrest on suspicion of DUI.
Ames Window: An Optical Illusion You Can Build At Home
The Price Is Right: Candidate Freaks Out Over Winning Prizes
He's got more energy than me in a whole month. :D
Sleeping Dog Snores During Bath
This dog is just relaxing. :D
Guy Helps Police Catch A Robber
A quick and easy help. :D
DJ Trolls The Crowd With A Fake Windows Error Message
Farting On A Plane
A funny and harmless prank using a fart machine. :D
The Perfect Crime: Removing Waldo Entirely From A Where's Waldo Book
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