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Wonderful Drone Show In The Chinese Nightsky
More that 500 drones put on a spectacular light show over the city of Guiyang.
Improvised Dubstep Using A McDonald's Straw And A Cup
He's a McLegend.
This Conversation Of A Baby And His Dad Will Melt Your Heart
This is way too cute. :)
Insane Runner Jogs Along Vulcanic Crater In Indonesia
Struggles Of Living In New York: Female Biker Goes Nuts
Russian Butt Slapping Contest
A welcome change to these normal slap contests.
Police Helps Hedgehog To Cross The Street
What a nice gesture.
Rally Driver Shows Incredible Reflexes
They clearly didn't expect a civilian car during the race.
Band Plays Titanic Theme While Mall Gets Flooded
Due to heavy rains a mall in Mexico got flooded. The band took the opportunity and improvised "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic. :D
Little Goats Have A Cute Pajama Party
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