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Twin Brother Wins With A Millisecond Difference At The Rubiks's Cube World Cup
That was really close.
Why You Shouldn't Try To Save Money On Your Wedding
Maybe it was her ex. :D
What Happens When You Mix Baking Soda And Ketchup
Now she knows what happens. :D
Little Kid Sprays Grandpa With Garden Hose
Heron Trapped In Fishing Line Gets Rescued
He knew they're going to help him. :)
Kid Pretends To Like Spaghetti
Litte Turle Chases Lions Away From His Pond
Don't mess with him. :D
Exploring The Mall Of America With A Choreographed Drone Flight
A wonderful flight and sound effects on point.
A Lawnmower Built From A Car
Technology Brings Photo Of Grandpa's Lost Love To Life
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