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Boston Dynamics: The New Robots Fight Back
They've had enough. :D
Son Shows Father What Happens When You Use Nitrous
His father's reaction is priceless. :)
Brazilian Girl Shows Impressive Ball Handling Skills In High Heels
The Crazy Laugh Of A Bird In Slow Motion
This bird is a kookaburra and those birds have a really awkward laugh. It's even more awkward when it's in slow motion. :D
Card Trick Confuses Little Cat
Where did it go?
Street Magic With David Blaine
This is just incredible. :D
Tiny Duck Chases Man
Well, you can't run from fatherhood. :D
Adorable Little Girl Shows Her Magic Trick
What a surprise. :D
Basketball Trickshots With An Elephant
Guy Eats Keyboard And Mouse For Lunch In Stop Motion
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