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Hilarious Security Footage Shows A Clumsy Thief Fail And Fail Again
Father Dances Happily With His Daughter Till She Starts Twerking
He didn't expect that. :D
Cat Shows Her Goal Keeping Skills
Rhino Baby Begs Mom To Play With Him
The little rhino calf is so full of energy. :)
The Encouraging Video Of A Man Who Fought Back Into Life From A Spinal Cord Injury
His wife made a video of the progress he made in one year.
Airport Security Worker Finds Strange Object in Bag
That took a nice turn.
Sling Shot Ride Ends In Groin Pain For A Kid
Squirrel Eats Almond Butter Of A Fork
Looks like he likes it.
Golden Retriever Rescuing His Teddy Bear
The satisfied tail wag at the end is really cute.
Guy Goes Through A Car To Cross The Pedestrian Crosswalk
Meanwhile in Russia.
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