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The desert date
Facebook Fail
Seems like it wasn't a good start. ;)
The old driving myth
Facebook Fail
Nope, that's not how it works. :D
The ice cream customer
Facebook Fail
Always trying to make customers happy. :D
The flat tire
Facebook Fail
Another mystery solved. ;)
The interesting course
Facebook Fail
Why you should always read the description. :D
The wisdom teeth
Facebook Fail
Luckily he's not right. :D
A magical place
Facebook Fail
Next time keep your eyes out for those famous wardrobes. :D
Rebuilding a famous structure
Facebook Fail
Ouch, that hurts. :D
The life of a firefighter
Facebook Fail
Not as easy as you think. :D
The golden idea
Facebook Fail
It's still a bit expensive. :D
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