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A penne for your thoughts
Facebook Win
Now that's teamwork. :D
Important moments in life
Facebook Win
Well, it always depends on the specific person. :D
Caught in a furniture store
Facebook Win
Sometimes you get lost. :D
Waiting for chemistry jokes
Facebook Fail
And he's still waiting. :D
A fresh start after home office
Facebook Fail
Always check twice before leaving the house. :D
Watching the stars
Facebook Fail
Situations like these can happen. :D
The extra hours
Facebook Fail
Living in different time zones can be irritating. :D
Getting to know Chuck Norris
Facebook Win
Well, at least now he knows better. :D
Dad joke mode enabled
Facebook Win
When you're having fun on your birthday. :)
The new cashier
Facebook Win
Always trying to reduce stress. :D
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