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How to get rid of things
Facebook Win
Spreading treasure around friend's houses. :D
A mom's message to her daughter
Facebook Win
How a mom handles a situation like this. :)
The football equivalent
Facebook Win
Well, people do strange things. ;)
Belated hindsight
Facebook Fail of the Day 19.05.2020
Sometimes it takes a while. :D
The good old days
Facebook Win
Nope, that didn't happen that much. ;)
Compliments for guys
Facebook Win
This is a post I can get behind. :)
Good ideas come by chance
Facebook Win
Now we just have to wait for him to finish it. :D
Kids back then and nowadays
Facebook Win
She's got a point.
Doing workout with others
Facebook Win
It's the little things that count. :)
Having fun with the neighbours
Facebook Win
That's a sweet old lady. :)
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