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When you're asking the important questions
Facebook Win
A nice collection of fun questions. ;)
The wet mistake
Facebook Fail
Friends sometimes don't have the best idea. ;)
The wasp and the neighbour
Facebook Fail
Always try to stay calm. :D
The other kind of diet
Facebook Fail
Well we wish him good luck. ;)
The traditional tacos
Facebook Fail
Well you should know that. :D
The useful sunscreen
Facebook Fail
It is in fact useful. :D
The free ride
Facebook Fail
Always trying to be nice. :D
When you're afraid of strange things
Facebook Fail
Always think twice before you write something. :D
The desert date
Facebook Fail
Seems like it wasn't a good start. ;)
The old driving myth
Facebook Fail
Nope, that's not how it works. :D
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