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Sneaky Boy Rides Airport Conveyor Belt To TSA Room
The 2 year old rode the conveyor belt for a few minutes until he finally arrived in a room full of TSA staff. :)
An Exercise Bike For Adults
Who comes up with ideas like this? :D
How Boris Johnson Once Headbutted A German Player Into His Nuts
Boris Johnson is now prime minister and an old video of him is going viral that shows him tackling a German player during a charity match. :D
Driver Does Some Quick Body Work
Body shops hate him. :D
Car Nearly Hits Guy Washing His Car
That was really close. Both of them were really lucky.
Woman Smashes A SUV In Revenge
We don't know why she did this, but she came prepared. :D
A Fight Scene With An Unexpected Ending
This is how you do the perfect ad. :D
Bodyguard Cat Protect Her Injured Friend
This proves that cats also care about their friends.
Concrete Mixer Dances On Motorway
The music is just perfect. :)
The Spongebob Theme Played Slower Is Really Creepy
If you play it 800% slower it's stuff right out of nightmares.
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