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Water Transforms Into Ice
Why You Shouldn't Drive An ATV Over A Tiny Bridge
That went as expected. :D
Kid Uses His Toy Lawn Trimmer While Imitating Sounds
He's pretty good at it. :D
Tourist Films Ice Avalanche Coming Towards Him In Kyrgyzstan
All of the tourists were really lucky to survive this situation. The tourist filming was closer to the avalance. They only had a few bruises and cuts.
Guy Parks In Disabled Parking Space Without Permit And Gets Post Its On His Car
The crowd who gathered was happy. ;)
Some Of Zach King's Cool Video Tricks Of This Year
There's a lot of work behind this. :)
Bird Shows How To Get Fish Really Easy
Jingle Bells With Beer Bottles In The Car
A Christmas Tree That's Made Like Godzilla
If you need an inspiration for next year. :D
Parrot Joins Woman Singing Creep From Radiohead
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