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Shoplifter Gets Caught Wearing 8 Pairs Of Jeans
It's a wonder she could even move in that.
Crane Operator Doesn't Understand Gravity
Cat Takes Care Of An Egg
Motorcyclist Gets Distracted By Women And Regrets It
He'll pay more attention next time. :D
TSA Agent Finds Something Very Interesting In Woman's Luggage
A classic prank. :D
Girl Facetimes The Wrong "Daddy"
Obviously it wasn't her friend. :D
Robber Gets Money Stolen By Other Guy
Even robbers aren't safe. :D
Uber Passengers From Hell
This is what Uber drivers have to deal with.
Actress Olivia Munn And The Naughty Cameraman
Dumb And Dumber In Real Life
You could just lower the bucket. :D
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