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Dancing For Instagram Gets Interrupted By Animal
That came a bit unexpected. :D
Proof That Happiness Is Contagious
In the metro in Antwerp one man starts laughing so hard that the other passengers have to laugh with him.
How To Solve Any Problem With Uncle Rob
He has answers for any problem. :D
Aaron Paul As A Candidate On The Price Is Right
Before he got famous for his role in Breaking Bad, Aaron took part in the game show. :D
Guy Stands A Super Clean Double Backflip
He didn't even have shoes or other things that would have helped him. Amazing.
Reporter Is So Scared By A Haunted House
Everyone's squeeking except the camera man. :D
Is Tess There: Guy Gets Pranked By Coworkers
Always make sure what you say to other people. :D
Backflip Into The Water Goes Wrong
Friend Proposes To Girlfriend for 1,5 Years
He edited videos from her saying "No" that it looks like she always shot him down. He never really asked her until the end. :D
A Truck Is Stuck And Everything Goes Wrong
This didn't go according to the plan.
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