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VR Boxing Is A Bit Too Real For This Girl
Her neighbours will hate this game. :D
Little Karate Girl Follows The Instructions Too Well
She does exactly what the trainer shows her. :D
Roomba Committing Suicide
Robber Gets Locked Inside Store During Attempted Robbery
This guy got locked behind bars even before he was locked behind bars.
Life Is Too Short To Drive A Boring Car
Well played! :D
Kitten Loves To Take A Bath
She's even paddling in the water. :)
Dad Guy: A Father's Funny Parody Of Billie Eilish's Song
This is what being a dad is all about. :D
Hilarious Security Footage Shows A Clumsy Thief Fail And Fail Again
Father Dances Happily With His Daughter Till She Starts Twerking
He didn't expect that. :D
Cat Shows Her Goal Keeping Skills
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