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Raver Is Serious About His Halloween Outfit
He's waiting for his moment. :D
Bosstown Dynamics: Robot Training Goes Wrong
The channel released another parody video of the robotics design company Boston Dynamics. In this video a robot has enough of the training.
Woman Accidentally Gets Trapped Inside A Garage
Try to explain that to the police. :D
150 Halloween Costume Ideas For Halloween
Some spooky and scary costume ideas for Halloween.
11 Year Old Miss Elton John Steals The Halloween Show
Little Benni Rea loves music and her favourite song is "Bennie and the Jets" from Elton John. That's why her mother DIY'ed her an Elton John costume in which she showed off her piano skills.
Ohio State's Spongebob Themed Halftime Show
The Ohio State Marching Band is known for their synchronized performance. Here they're showing scenes and characters from the Spongebob series. :)
A Dad Teaches An Important Lesson
Why You Shouldn't Mess With A Horse
Why Constructions Take Forever
Now we know why they wear helmets. :D
Patrick Stewart Sings Cowboy Songs For A Good Deed
He really had a blast singing some songs in country style. :D
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