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Nice Guys Or Bad Boys
A girlfriend has a very funny answer. Poor dude. :D
Grandpa Tries To Help Out A Fire Artist
Not sure what his initial plan was. :D
Synchronizing Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift Using Only The Voice
YouTuber Vlosh has done it again. Now he voiced over a movie scene. :D
RC Controlled LEGO Tank With A Deployable Bridge
This project involved over 2000 pieces of LEGO and several motors. Very impressive work.
Stan Lee Talks About How Everyone Said Spiderman Is A Bad Idea
Don't let others ruin your ideas. :)
Magician Can't Get Enough Beer At America's Got Talent
There's beer everywhere. :D
Group Of Vultures Wait Until Jackal Gives The Sign
This looks like people on Black Friday.
Brother Picks Up His Sister From School Playing 2000's Hits
She got used to it over the course of the years. :D
Recreating Harry Potter's Butter Beer
Guy in Predator Costume Rides On An Alien Motorcycle
He's probably on his way to Arnold Schwarzenegger. :D
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