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A Man's Reaction To Getting A Stingray Barb Removed
This is why you should better avoid stingrays.
Lucky Lady Avoids Chainsaw And Tree
That could have gone wrong so bad. Luckily none of them were injured.
Transporter Is Too High For Parking Garage And Rips Open Water Pipe
This is why you should always take care of the heights.
Crazy Mountain Biker Jumps Over Tour De France Bikers
Valentin Anouilh made a 16 meter jump right over the heads of the Tour de France bikers.
Finland Hosts World's First Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship
People from around the world came to Finland to find the ultimate knitting champion. The Giga Body Metal with its Sumo wrestlers became the first ever world champions.
Rainbow During Hailstorm
It looks beautiful but somehow strange.
The 40 Best Cartoon Intros Played As A Piano Medley
This brings back so many memories. :)
Lua: A Smart Vase Tells You If Your Plants Need Water
Over 15 moods are displayed with a smiley face indicating e.g. if the plant needs water or if it's too hot or cold.
Diving Down The Deepest Pool Of The World
This pool is 40 meters deep and Guillaume Néry explores it by holding his breath.
The Prince Charles Scandal Where Jon And Steven Crack Up Laughing
This is truely one of the best clips of them.
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