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Dog Poops In Front Of The Bride And Groom
His last thing to do before they marry. :D
Monster Truck With People On Its Roof Drives Through A Lake
Brother Helps Sister Play Basketball
That's what big brothers are there for. :)
Dog Plays Fetch By Using AN Irrigation Ditch
Deck Collpases After Worker Stack Over 2,000lbs Of Roof Shingles
Luckily he was unharmed.
Neighbor Decides To Mow The Lawn During Wedding Ceremony
Must be a really nice neighborhood there.
Thief Steals Handy From Passing Train
Truck Driver Doesn't Notice That He Forgot To Lower The Bed
Austrian Freerider Breaks Word Record With 272 km/h On A Bicycle
Elias Schwärzler got dragged on a normal bicycle by a motorbike.
Guy Shows His Strength On An Obstacle Course With Sticks
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