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Casey Neistat Tests The Most Expensive Flight Ticket In The World
You'll pay 27,000 Dollar for the private the-room apartment.
Miss Nigeria's Wonderful Reaction To A Competitor Winning The Title
Party Girl Hits Her Head On Ceiling Fan
The party seems to be over now. :D
Bobby Lee's Wife Admits She Loves Him Because Of His Money
Poor papa.
Dual Axis: The Illusion Of The Year 2019
Husband Finds His Wife Over And Over With Charcoal
The teeth whitener somehow exploded in her hand. :D
Glitter Bomb 2.0: Pranking Porch Pirates
Now with glitter, fart spray and police sounds.
How To Wrap A Gift In 10 Seconds And Decorate A Christmas Tree
It need a bit more work to perfection. :D
Neighbours Celebrate Retiring Mailman
Captain Picard Sings Let It Snow
Patrick Stewart brings you the Christmas spirit.
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