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The Funniest Moments From Wimbledon 2019
The tennis tournament held many funny moments ready for their spectators.
Turkish Ice-Cream Vendor Tests The Patience Of His Customer
They are well-known for their little pranks. :)
Kids Hides In Trash Can From The Police
He'll tell this story the rest of his life.
Kid Mows The Lawn Using His Hoverboard
Work smarter, not harder.
When The Customer Thinks It Will Fit In His 2 Yard Trailer
He asked for it. :D
The Birds Aren't Real Campaign
I'm now ok with flat earthers. :D
Reporter Talks Into Mushroom Instead Of Microphone
He's laughing so hard when he finally notices it. :D
How To Stop Your Kids From Crying
This dad came up with a more playful idea to calm down his crying kids.
A Skateboarder Gets Hit In The Face With Skateboard
That might hurt a bit.
A Man's Reaction To Getting A Stingray Barb Removed
This is why you should better avoid stingrays.
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