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India's republic day parade is full of incredible surprises
India shows off her fancy military might on Republic Day, and they have real talents.
Just people reacting to guy sitting on invisible chair
If this elephant can then why can't we?
Would you expect this if nerds asked you to listen to them beatboxing?!
Winona Ryder contemplates life and reality while getting award for "Stranger Things" at the SAG Awar
Adorable cats play a heated game of football against cute puppies in "Puppy Bowl"
Bird doing a military march
Guy sleeping has his eyebrows removed by pranskter friend
We all have that one friend who just plays too damn much!
Guy triggers female reporter with feminist joke
A last-minute wisecrack pushes one reporter right over the edge!
Conan O’Brien Sends Triumph The Insult Comic Dog To Cover Donald Trump’s Inauguration
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