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Coach Catches Gymnast Which Was About To Fall
Little Freddie Mercury Fan Sings Bohemian Rhapsody
Woman Argues That Cats Are More Difficult To Handle Than Kids
And it ends up in a fail.
Customer Refuses To Wear Mask And Gets Aggressive
Meanwhile in Florida.
Rock Bouncer Goes Up A Very Steep Hill
A gravity defying climb.
Rescue Training Goes Wrong
Russian Baywatch.
Snake Joins Guy On Trampoline
Snakes want to have fun, too. ;)
Hit And Run Driver Gets Caught Dragging A Motorcycle On A Freeway
Luckily the motorcyclist doing well and the driver even tried to report his car stolen but this video was the clear evidence he drove himself.
Tuba Player Syncs Melody To Dog Bark
Spoon In Soup, USB Stick Fail: All Your Pain In One Video
This is painful to watch. :D
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