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Man builds his cats wonderful Kitty Towers in his free time
Rob Coutu owns two cats and built his fluffy companions two towers with a connecting suspension bridge. We've got some background info and pictures for you.
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Tabatha is a 11 year old red tabby cat and Zach, the darker one of the cats and a Savannah breed, is two years old. Rob told us that he had the idea when he saw a picture of a tree someone made for his cats. Because of his talents - besides gardening - he started to plan and build these two wonderful detailed kitty towers in his free time.

He gets his supplies from Amazon, Home Depot, local hobby stores and even 3D printed materials. Always keeping an eye on pet friendly materials, of course.

Cat will be cats and Zach claims the towers most of the times for himself and loves to watch TV from the 5th or 6th floor and even rests in the middle of the bridge.

As Rob is getting tons of positive feedback and inquiries he plans on starting a business building those structures, like a pet-friendly architect. :)
He hopes that one day he'll be so successful that he can donate some of his structures to pet cafes and pet shelters.

Here are some additional photos of his cats. These looks... :D

You can see more pictures on his Kitty Towers facebook page and can also get in touch with him on his private facebook page.
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