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Leap Of Faith: Penguin Jumps From Breaking Ice Floe
Now that was close.
Gender Reveal Goes Hilariously Wrong
The Hill In New Zealand With 85 Letters In Its Name
Imagine having to tell the police where you are. :D
Danny MacAskill's Gymnasium Bike Tricks
Danny is back with some great stunts and tricks on his bike.
Robbers Try To Crack Open An ATM And Fail
The Señorita Song Performed With Beatbox
This is nearly better than the original song. :)
Unexpected Moment In Front Of DJ Booth
I wasn't expecting this. :D
Guy Runs Away Drunk From The Police
Legend says he's still running away.
Guy Lands Backflip Without Spilling Beer
This guy has a very special talent.
How Celebrities Reacted To Ricky Gervais' Request At The Golden Globes
He told them not to get political. This is how it came out.
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