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Father And Daughter Perform Killing In The Name By Rage Against The Machine
This is so cute. :)
Mark Hamill's Star Wars Impressions
Dog Joins Saxophone's Version Of We Are The World By Howling
Day 1 Vs. Day 50 In Quarantine
What happens when you spend a bit too much time at home. :D
Canadian Police Arrests Woman in Stormtrooper Outfit
It was Star Wars day and she was carrying a plastic gun.
Passersby Help After Accident By Collecting Apples
Seymour The Squirrel Enjoys A Slice Of Avocado
He was orphaned as a baby and taken care of. :)
Girl Opens Bottle Of Champagne On Horseback And Fails
They shouldn't be surprised about the outcome.
Boss Bitch Fight Challenge: Hollywood Actresses And Stunt Women Fight Each Other
They are bored, too. :D
Woman Steals Baseball From Little Girl
At least the little girl got another ball afterwards.
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