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Musicless Video: Alyson Stoner's Performance At The VMA's Without Music
You just hear the noises she makes. :D
Cows Jump Over White Line On The Road
This is an alternative to sheep jumping over the fence when you're trying to sleep. :D
Lizard Tries To Jump At Food And Misses
It was so close. :D
Russian Football Presenter Fights Against A Sprinkler
Channel 4's Funny Way To Appreciate Viewer's Complaints
This is how you deal with those complaints. :D
Father Builts Pedal Plane For His Son
He worked 6 months on the detailed version of the Granville Gee Bee R2. It even has buttons and switches. :)
The Top 10 Of The Death Diving Championships 2019 Held In Norway
This looks a bit painful. :D
Goalkeeper Saves A Penalty But His Team Mate Fails Defending
A Song About The Friends Who Get Married After School
Those friends get married and have kids while you're still thinking about what to do with your life. :O
American Finds Out He's The Only Passenger On Delta Airlines Flight
He found out he's the only one who booked the flight from Aspen to Salt Lake City.
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