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How To Teach A Parrot To Talk
Very bad words... :D
When You Make The Wrong Decision
I feel with you bro!
Guy Calling In "Sick" At Place He Doesn't Work
This Girl's First Unboxing Video May Be The Best of All Time
Definitely the most difficult unboxing video you'll see today. ;-)
Lucas The Spider: Spinning Webs
Lucas isn't about to let a little adversity get him down. For him, anything is possible!
When The DJ Drops An Absolute Banger
I'm literally dying of laughter right now. Classic! :D
Samsung Making Fun Of Apple
Tom Green Trolls Pizza Delivery Guys By Selling Pizza Cheaper Than Theirs
A classic Tom Green prank that will make you laugh while delivering a bit of nostalgia.
Captain Marvel Trailer Is Finally Here
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