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A Baby's First Reaction To Hearing A Violin
One day this baby will be a great violinist.
Cute Baby Loves Green Celery Juice
Woman Falls Into Pool Coming From The Breakfast Buffet
Man Plays Antonio Vivaldi With His Recorder
He's just incredibly fast.
Seinfeld's Jason Alexander Re-Records Voicemail For Kat Dennings
After being told that Kat Dennings loves the special voicemail from the show, he records a personalised message for her.
Police Gets Surprised By Four Legged Culprit
They surely didn't expect this. :D
Conan O'Brien And Sophie Turner Play Tequila Slaps
That was loud as hell. :D
The Sandwich In A Pickle: Sandwiches Without Any Bread
They even have pickle juice. :D
Apple Introduces The First Laptop Without A Keyboard
This is a revolution. :D
Resuced Hiker Spins Out Of Control
Fortunately the hiker just felt a bit dizzy and nauseous after this rescue mission.
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