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A status for the ladies
Facebook Fail
When you can't wait for the reaction. :D
How to light up the mood
Facebook Win
Life gets easier when you've got a good sense of humor. :)
Why you should appreciate what you have
Facebook Win
A mom's perfect response.
How to troll your babysitter
Facebook Win
What an evil idea. :D
How to be a good parent
Facebook Win
This dad is doing it right. :)
The difficult riddle
Facebook Fail
Well, it isn't that hard to solve. :D
Hard work is never appreciated
Facebook Fail
This might have an aftermath. :D
How to answer job rejections
Facebook Win
All you have to do is reject job rejections. :D
Ancient book trolling
Facebook Win
This troll move took its time. :D
The nail painting dad
Facebook Win
Dads like these are great. :)
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